Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Old School: Midkemian Splendor

Back before he became a best-selling author, Raymond E. Feist published some pretty good old school town/city supplements based in what was to become the famous world of Midkemia.  Of these, I still have the workable city of Carse, which actually found its way to Glorantha as the city of Karse in the Holy Country.  However, my first Midkemian purchase was Tulan of the Isles, which I thought was a splendidly developed town built on several islands in a river.  It even had its own dungeon, The Black Tower, which was available as a separate product.  Yet my local game store never had it in and I'd given up paying shipping by that stage.  Exploring around the old school blogosphere, what do I find tonight but Midkemia Press's residual website, which includes a free download of The Black Tower.  Now if only I could find Tulan of the Isles...


  1. Heart of the Sunken Lands is the one I'm looking for. I've heard third hand it has some sort of random chart based sandbox exploration mechanic.

  2. When I first got Tulan I immediately thought that the Sunken Lands sounded like a really cool idea for a wilderness. I didn't realize they'd ever actually published it until last night. Reading up on it makes me want to see a copy all the more.