Friday, April 16, 2010

Addendum: Second Age Refuge?

Could Sanctuary work in the Second Age of Glorantha?  As it is located very near Zistorwal, the Clanking City, it would make a nice base for PCs involved there.  Ilsigi could again be Heortlings, with the EWF taking the place of the Rankans and the God Learners/Zistorites the Nisibisi.  The Waertagi have been swept from the seas by the God Learners, so they fit as the Beysibs again.  The EWF have savage leaders like Varankol the Mangler and in fact, you could just make Vashanka a member of the Eternal Dragon Ring who is defeated in battle, with Tempus as his closest associate.  Savankala could be the Golden Dragon Sun.  In fact, it probably all works better like that, with added dragons!  What's not to like?


  1. I am glad to see there is still interest in Thieves World after all these years. I still have the mass market books of the series, and the original boxed game. I located my Sanctuary in the old AD&D World of Greyhawk, and used Basic Roleplaying for rules. Great memories!

  2. How many scenarios are included?