Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summons of the Wyter

The first adventure in the Mongoose Second Age "Living Glorantha" campaign is out.  Summons of the Wyter, although suffering from the sadly usual proofreading issues (they even misspell Wyter in the title, for Orlanth's sake!), is actually a very nice episode.  In particular, it introduces the mythical nature of Gloranthan gaming very well right up front.  In fact, I think that if Avalon Hill Runequest had developed along these lines rather than the chaos-and-caves of the Runequest Renaissance (which are excellent adventures in their own right, I should stress) then we might never have had the Hero Wars schism.

It's also nice to see some MRQ2 NPCs statted up.  The NPCs of Blood of Orlanth, for instance, during the MRQ1 era were very magic-lite and so, while the setting and plot were recognizably Gloranthan, the NPCs didn't seem right.  These guys are much more evocative of the magic-rich Second Age, as is the dilemma the PCs are presented with.  A very nice beginning - even if you're not going to port your characters around between Living Glorantha GMs, it looks like this campaign will be well worth playing.

Image taken from Questlines.

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