Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exodus of Rome Journal

(Written by the GM, Jujitsudave, and as posted on the MRQ Forum)

The First Journal entry of Publius Equitatus Aquilla (formerly known as Athdain of the Pictii) this day November 18, Anno Urbis Conditae 1160. 
As transcribed by Flavius Ventario of Alexandria. 

I now dictate this journal to my new travelling companion who has urged me to begin making a journal as a kind of record of my travels. I myself do not write this because I have no knowledge of my letters since the people of my childhood take no stock in writing and because Flavius is an educated man far better at this than I. 

Today has been a monumentous one. I am recently of 20 years and have been full grown for quite some time, but it is now within me that I must go and fulfill my goals as my skills are keen enough to this purpose. 

When I was a boy, my father, Ardinius (formerly Ardain) had chosen to meet with the Romans to sue for peace in exchange for trade of our tin for their cattle. Such would have been a good trade, but the Roman officer that had made it had more interest in warfare. My treacherous uncle Prydain had bargained with him and my family was exiled for conspiracy with our enemies and it is since then we reside in the Roman city of Eburacum. We have both been working as Venatores for a ludus as he and now I are seasoned trackers and can make a living at this, but today I have left the employ of Valentius, my Patron. 

My goal now is to seek this Roman and execute him before returning to my tribe and claiming my rightful place as the cheiftan as my father before me. Surprisingly, Valentius was not at all displeased with me once he learned of my plans to kill this Roman but in fact wished to assist me with provisions.It would seem that this same man had once wronged Valentius but how I don't know. He also sent 2 gladiator bodyguards, Gromius and Cassius. The former is a large warrior who enjoys gambling and hence is why he is a gladiator for his debt and Cassius Ursus who that very day slew a bear in single combat (although I suspect he may have had some help...). Finally there is Valentius' representative Flavius who writes this now. 

This evening I must get rest. We start early and I hope the gladiators will be ready, for it would seem this evening they are in the throes of debauched celebration of their victories.


Aquilla's second entry, November 19, Anno Urbis Conditae 1160.
It is testament to Valentius' gladiators that they should be able to travel with throbbing heads and bowels turned to mush! 

We walked along the via Hadrianum north and although the day is damp they are not bitterly cold. Flavius has insisted we stay at a taburnae rather than a cauponae so we are not robbed and our ox is not stolen in the night. The place we are in now is in Cataractorum, a sprawling little town that even has a theater and is a place for well to do Romans. We went to the taburnae there and Gromius set to betting at once. We joined an old tin merchant and in walked some patrician that thought himself better than everyone else there. He sat to begin betting and when he began to lose, became infuriated, grabbing the merchant and threatening to kill him right there. Gromius stepped in and I thought that that point there would be bloodshed, but the patricians legs had become lost to his control! I know not what happened, but it shut him up and when he regained control of his faculties, he had stormed away.

I fear we have not seen the last of him.

(I hope Dave will be posting more recaps.  If not, I'll probably start doing them myself).

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