Friday, April 29, 2011

An MRQ Fanzine?

I'm taking the first step, and have official blessing for it, to develop a Mongoose Runequest 2 (and perhaps other d100 systems) fanzine. In many ways, I want to develop a Tales of the Reaching Moon for the new millennium! You can read the details and offer to contribute at the Mongoose Forum, but here's the post in full:

I mentioned elsewhere, and have the go-ahead from Matt to develop, a Fanzine dedicated to MRQ2. 

At this early stage, my immediate concern is to put together an editorial team. So if you're interested in helping to develop this product, please PM me. Being part of the editorial team would require one article or piece of art as a contribution per issue, or contribution in kind like copyediting or layout. As the initial release schedule I have in mind is quarterly, this should not be too big a commitment. 

My model for the fanzine would be the excellent OSR fanzine Fight On!, but I'd suggest a rather more organized set of regular content. This is an example of ideas for the regular content: 

Runerites: (in honor of the great White Dwarf column) New rules ideas or general concepts 
The Coliseum: new monsters 
Foes: Fully developed NPCs with tactics and motivations 
Plunder: Magic items, unique or generic 
Elder Secrets: New spells and magical abilities 
Cults: Fully developed cults 
Blood and Souls: Specific items for the Elric setting 
God Willing: Specific items for the Deus Vult setting 
Major Arcana: Specific items for the Wraith Recon setting 
Njallsaga: Specific items for the Vikings setting 

I still haven't ascertained whether this could include Glorantha, but I'll work on that. 

In any event, if I can get enough interest in this, I will go ahead and work out the business side of things. I imagine the first issue at least will be free to download to gain interest, but there will be costs and those will need to be addressed. Having said that, I'm an MBA so I should be able to deal with that. 

The main thing however, is to assemble an editorial team. Please PM me or post here if you're interested. 

The other thing we'll need is a title. Very grateful for ideas for that! 

Finally, I understand some of you may be skeptical. I don't think this thread needs that. I can be skeptical enough about the realities of this to kill it if necessary. So positive contributions only, please!


  1. I shall follow news of this with great interest.

  2. I have a growing interest in RQ, although to be honest at the moment it's more about plundering it for things to add to my D&D game, still I love the flavour of RQ. I would love to see this Fanzine get off the ground.

    As for a name, how about "Red Moon Rising"?

  3. Thanks for the comments! Red Moon Rising would be a FANTASTIC name for a Third Age Glorantha setting, but this goes wider than that. But I would hope Old School D&Ders will be able to raid this publication for ideas with impunity. I just hope and pray I'm able to get it off the ground.

  4. I would be interested in contributing - MRQ 2 needs a passionate fanzine.

  5. I'm interested, but only play Glorantha 3rd age, HQ style. I might have some rule amendments that could be interesting, but scenario wise I can only contribute if you would get an accord on the use of Glorantha content, of course.

  6. I really hope that this fanzine materializes and becomes a great success! (And I'll try to think up some potential titles.)

  7. Title idea: Runes of Wonder (an indirect nod to Chaosium's old 'Worlds of Wonder' game).

  8. Agree with Fabian, there is definitely a need for such a beast.

  9. Sounds like the rise of the second Runequest renaissance. Bring it on!

    'Questing Runedragon' for title ?

  10. This would be fantastic. I have often lamented the dearth of material for Mongoose's RQII.

    Good luck & God's speed, young man!

  11. Bloody great idea - full support from me!