Sunday, August 1, 2010

MythConceptions (hang on, that's been done, hasn't it...?)

The new issue of Rule One Magazine (an online Glorantha zine) is out and has a few nice articles.  In particular, there's this article about the use of Gloranthan myths in games.  I've had mixed success in getting my players to adopt Gloranthan attitudes, and the major obstacle has been a lack of knowledge of the various mythologies.  The Mongoose I Cults of Glorantha volumes aren't detailed enough and the Heroquest stuff is just overwhelming in its detail, so what we really need is a Cults of Prax equivalent for the new systems (Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes  does manage this for the Orlanthi gods, but I need something more Praxian).  Hopefully Loz's Cults of Glorantha remix will suffice when it comes out.

So Gregory Molle's approach strikes me as a great way to introduce myths into the game.  It also would probably mesh well with Loz's Mythic Resonance rules, which I haven't used so far.  My players' characters currently worship Humakt and Vinga, with another slowly learning about sorcery by researching a fragment of the Book of Arkat, given to her by, if I remember right, Kyger Litor during a Heroquest.  So these are the myths I'll give them (comments welcome):