Monday, March 12, 2012

Whirr... Click... Resetting

Well, last Summer I had a book come out. It's about American politics from a libertarian viewpoint, so for the few of you who might be interested, the link is here. What knocked me for a loop is that since my last book came out, I had to work four times as hard to sell a quarter of the copies. Life is extremely hard in the mainstream nonfiction publishing world at the moment, and the gap between the quick (the best sellers) and the dead (everyone else) is bigger than my publisher has ever seen. Add to that new management responsibilities at my work and something had to give. It was gaming. Apart from a brief and hilarious foray into OD&D run by one of my group, and starting and then scrapping three different iterations of a Gloranthan side-campaign set in Kralorela, I have had little interaction with the gaming world. So all the rash promises made below about a fanzine and so on fell by the wayside, and I did nothing to rectify the situation when it became apparent I would have to drop them, and for that I apologize to everyone. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Things are slowly returning to normal. So I hope to restart semi-regular updates. Here are a few brief links to begin with:

The Flamesword

  • Jamie "Trotsky" Revell has self-published his Heroquest book on Glorantha's Seshnela: Kingdom of the Flamesword. If you liked his Book of Glorious Joy, you'll love this. It treats the Gloranthan west in a much more medieval fashion than the current official interpretation allows for (and I have to admit I am somewhat disillusioned with the current direction of Glorantha, however excellent the Moon Design products are). Highly recommended.
  • Design Mechanism have made the excellent products written by Pete Nash and Lawrence Whitaker for the Second Age of Glorantha available for the bargain price of a buck each. If you've somehow missed this, dive in. The late MRQ1 and entire MRQII era of the Second Age books included some really excellent stuff, and at the very least they'll provide some great inspiration for a homebrew Legend/RQ6 campaign. I hope the Second Age is not dead and would love to see Tenets of the Inner Dragon appear at some point.
  • In OSR D&D, I'm really excited about Dwimmermount. I recently purchased Adventurer Conqueror King and between that and LOTFP, I think there are two really workable early-D&D-inspired rules systems out there that could persuade me to run a D&D campaign again.
  • And, of course, the Heroquest Pavis book is due any day now. I will be getting a copy as soon as I can, and I shall be interested to see whether it is as compatible with my vision/plans for Pavis as I hope it will be.

I thought that the way I would get myself back into gaming mood might be to review some of the great products I've picked up over the last few months, like Legend's Blood Magic and the brilliant Age of Treason. So I hope to produce one review at some point this week.

And who knows, I might produce some original content at some point too.


  1. I have to admit I am somewhat disillusioned with the current direction of Glorantha

    Who isn't? Well, I mean except the fanboys...

    1. Well, indeed. I do have to say I'm looking forward to Loz's version of Harreksaga, but of the other upcoming products, I don't need another Guide to Glorantha, and The Coming Storm just looks redundant to me (similarly the Glorantha Bestiary, although if Pete's writing it, there might be some good stuff in there, especially if they allow RQ6 stats in it). At least the Mongoose stuff explored some interesting never-before-examined areas/ideas of Glorantha.